Trio, Box Hill

845-851 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia, BOX HILL VIC 3128


Status: Completed
Completion Timeframe: Ready To Move


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Comprising three highly integrated buildings in the heart of Melbourne’s east, with homes to suit a variety of people, the thriving precinct delivers a seamless and scintillating offering of retail, super-market-shopping and dining, and amenities including child care, senior living and hotel services. Restaurants and cafes, sporting and community centres, parks, hospitals and schools—Trio sits at the heart of it all.

Enjoy a morning stroll through leafy Box Hill Gardens or get to the CBD via tram or train just moments from home. With such easy access to Box Hill’s surrounding parks, stores, hospitals, schools and services, Trio makes day-to-day life a breeze.

Trio is situated close to some of Melbourne’s best education centres, ensuring local schooling is provided for from primary through to tertiary. These include Box Hill High, Deakin University and Box Hill Institute.

With Box Hill Interchange just moments away, residents can enjoy effortless access to the CBD and Greater Melbourne via tram, train or bus. Wherever you need to get, it’s a simply journey from Trio.

Box Hill’s ample greenery and parks ensure residents can stay connected to nature, while the nearby Box Hill Indoor Sports Centre has facilities and activities suited to people of all ages.

The area has a long and rich history of community activity, and a year-round schedule of exciting events to immerse yourself in.

Childcare services at Trio provide families with the flexibility and freedom they need to work, while the exceptional cafes, restaurants, retailers and onsite hotel offer convenience and luxury in equal measure. At every step, Trio aims to simplify modern living and enhance daily life.

Residents can make use a range of rejuvenating, relaxing and entertaining amenities. These include gardens and sitting areas with BBQ facilities for hosting friends and family; an indoor and outdoor gym that includes a swimming pool open to residents and hotel guests; and club houses, bars, lounges and a dining room exclusively available to residents.

The gardens are ideal for a range of activities from restorative exercises such as Tai Chi and yoga, to social gatherings with family, friends and neighbours. They provide clear views to the wondrous Dandenong Ranges as well as Melbourne’s marvellous cityscape.



  • Address:

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  • 845-851 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill VIC 3128, Australia


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  • 3128

  • Australia

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Timber Flooring

Sauna and Steam Room

Wellness Pavillion and Gymnasium

Outdoor Infinity Pool

Oak engineered timber flooring throughout

Induction cooktop with electric oven

What's Nearby

Box Hill Central Station
Box Hill Central
Box hill Gardens
Box Hill Golf Course
Box Hill Hospital

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-Off the plan refers to the process of purchasing a property, typically an apartment or townhouse, before it has been constructed or completed. In such cases, buyers pay a deposit upfront and agree to pay the remaining balance upon completion of the property or in stages throughout the construction process.

The buyer may have the opportunity to customise certain aspects of the property, such as selecting finishes or fixtures, within the parameters set by the developer. They could also potentially secure a property at a lower price compared to the higher market value at completion.

-Off the plan property refers to property that is being sold before it has been constructed or completed. It is a term commonly used in real estate to describe the sale of properties based on their proposed plans, designs and specifications.

When a property is marketed as ‘off the plan’, it means that buyers have the opportunity to purchase the property based on the developer's plans and representations. Buyers typically review architectural drawings, floor plans, artist's impressions and other materials provided by the developer to get an understanding of the intended design and features of the property.

It is a type of property transaction where buyers commit to purchasing a property that is still in the planning or construction phase. When making an off the plan purchase, buyers enter into a contract with the developer and pay a deposit to secure their interest in the property.

The contract outlines the agreed terms such as the purchase price, payment schedule, completion date and any other relevant conditions. The remaining balance of the purchase price is typically paid upon completion of the property or in stages as specified in the contract.

Off the plan purchases are commonly associated with new or upcoming developments including apartments, townhouses or housing estates.

Potential for capital growth: Often, buying off the plan at today's price for a property that will be completed in a few years could mean that by the time it's finished, the value may have increased. This potential for capital growth can be attractive.

Customization and choice: You might have more flexibility in choosing finishes, layout, and sometimes minor alterations to the property before it's completed.

Financial benefits: Some developers offer discounts or incentives to early buyers. Additionally, paying the deposit over time as the construction progresses can help in financial planning.

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