Stanley and Roden

210 Stanley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia, WEST MELBOURNE VIC 3003


Status: Completed
Completion Timeframe: Ready To Move


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Welcome to Stanley & Roden, a thoughtfully curated selection of apartments situated in a boutique, low-rise complex within 1 kilometre of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Built behind a well-preserved heritage warehouse in a sought-after pocket of West Melbourne, Stanley & Roden embraces the site’s history, while fusing it with modern luxuries.

These residences will further enhance the gentrification that is continuing to envelope the city-fringe, making this address truly special for those looking to buy a piece of Melbourne’s past.

Spread over two low-rise buildings, encompassing only 51 residences, Stanley & Roden is a carefully considered project that flaunts style, functionality, and sustainability.

Presenting the astute buyer with a rarely found proposition for quieter inner-city living with peace of mind that construction has already commenced.

Legacy, history, and modern style. This is what you will experience at Stanley & Roden.

The façade speaks to the neighbourhood’s roots exhibiting red brick, concrete and steel. While
the overall design blends strong clean lines with multiple parts that combine to form one cohesive whole. This seamless flow extends into the interior spaces of this boutique development.

Indoor and outdoor blend seamlessly with an integrated, classic design. Expansive windows celebrate light and space while living spaces flow from kitchen to dining to outdoor. Enjoy morning coffee from your private balcony. At night, retreat to spacious, airy bedrooms with a range of wardrobe sizing, premium carpets and glorious ensuites.

Each residence at Stanley & Roden has been carefully designed and positioned to make the most of light and space with expansive windows, airy balconies and courtyards designed to maximise sunlight and provide a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor spaces, ideal for entertaining and relaxing - delivering a place to unwind and recharge as you admire the spectacular skyline views.

Come home to well-thought-out interiors with materials which are aesthetically appealing and practically suited to the space at hand.

Ample storage and premium integrated appliances effortless streamline daily routines. Elegant benchtops in durable stone are illuminated by subtle overhead lighting provide the perfect space to prepare meals whilst the timber toned joinery adds warmth and texture to this space.

At Stanley & Roden each residence is served by its own self-contained ventilation system that flows directly to the outdoor area rather than through internal ducts or complex roof ventilation system delivering clean, fresh air into your home.

Your modern bathroom is an uncluttered space featuring a sleek and luxurious design. Large format tiles extend from floor to ceiling, increasing a sense of depth and volume, complemented by exquisite floating vanities. Frameless showers, mirrored cabinets, modern tapware, and accessories present a stunning visual impact.

Offering ultimate comfort, the spacious, light-filled master bedrooms are fitted with built-in wardrobes and wool blend carpets, providing a secluded sanctuary nestled away from the bustle of the vibrant and cosmopolitan surrounds.

Stanley & Roden will feature landscaping and gardens designed by the award-winning team at Memla. From established mature trees, to screening shrubs and cascading ground covers, the buildings green spaces make clever use of drought tolerant plants and integrated watering from rainwater collection to provide all year-round greenery while reducing the impact on the environment.

Whether you are working from home or facetiming your friends
in London, staying connected has never been more important. Stanley & Roden residences will be equipped with Lightning Broadband - Australia’s fastest and most reliable internet service.

Most apartment fibre optics come from a single connection that can adversely affect your internet speed, but at Stanley + Roden the advanced fibre-optics will be cabled separately for each level to give a premium stable connection, eliminating buffering and lag.

Residents will be provided with a no lock-in contract that gives you the freedom to change or cancel plans at any time. No hidden fees or surprises, just pure and fast internet from Australia’s top performing provider.

At Stanley & Roden, residents have the luxury of being in a prime location that allows them to ditch car ownership and opt for car sharing instead.

With immediate access to top car share providers, such as Uber Carshare, GoGet, PopCar, FlexiCar and Car Next Door, residents can save on insurance premiums and car servicing costs. Not only does this provide personal financial savings, but car sharing also has a positive impact on the environment. Reducing the number of cars on the road also reduces demand
for resource and energy-intensive manufacturing processes.



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  • 210 Stanley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia


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  • 3003

  • Australia

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The buyer may have the opportunity to customise certain aspects of the property, such as selecting finishes or fixtures, within the parameters set by the developer. They could also potentially secure a property at a lower price compared to the higher market value at completion.

-Off the plan property refers to property that is being sold before it has been constructed or completed. It is a term commonly used in real estate to describe the sale of properties based on their proposed plans, designs and specifications.

When a property is marketed as ‘off the plan’, it means that buyers have the opportunity to purchase the property based on the developer's plans and representations. Buyers typically review architectural drawings, floor plans, artist's impressions and other materials provided by the developer to get an understanding of the intended design and features of the property.

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Off the plan purchases are commonly associated with new or upcoming developments including apartments, townhouses or housing estates.

Potential for capital growth: Often, buying off the plan at today's price for a property that will be completed in a few years could mean that by the time it's finished, the value may have increased. This potential for capital growth can be attractive.

Customization and choice: You might have more flexibility in choosing finishes, layout, and sometimes minor alterations to the property before it's completed.

Financial benefits: Some developers offer discounts or incentives to early buyers. Additionally, paying the deposit over time as the construction progresses can help in financial planning.

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