9 Prospect Street, Box Hill

9 Prospect Street, BOX HILL VIC 3128


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Residing at the heart of Box Hill is 9 Prospect Street, a residential community thoughtfully conceived by the architectural visionaries at Hayball. Where views of the CBD and Dandenongs combine with five-star amenities – including a porte cochere, pool, gym and concierge service – to deliver contemporary convenience amid a hotel-style living experience.

The ingenious minds behind prospect, Hayball’s world-class design garners both Easten and Western influence. The result is a collection of enduring residences, seamlessly blending two cultures to create an inviting and familiar way of life.

An established locale, Box Hill represents both Eastern familiarity and metropolitan vivacity. Set to become a modern landmark of the domain, Prospect’s location is arguably the finest in Box Hill – within arms reach of a culturally rich dining scene, leading educational facilities, hospitals, shopping centres, public transport and the famed CBD.

R&F are a global developer with an international vision. Pulling inspiration from all over the world, this project delivers your perfect home right here in Box Hill. With offices based in Melbourne and Brisbane, R&F Property Australia seeks to make its mark on
the development industry by utilising decades of experience to construct quality buildings, perfectly suited to the local market. Their projects have been increasingly diversified in recent years, extending
to luxury hotels and shopping centres, as well as residential establishments.

Having reached an all-time record turnover last year, the firm has 68 projects under development in 27 cities. Their Australian developments form a part of this award-winning property portfolio, with five projects planned and two under construction acrossMelbourne and Queensland. Following values of integrity, innovation and adaptability, R&F Australia produce some of the world’s most extraordinary and influential developments.

Hayball is an architecture, interior design and urban design practice with offices across Australia. Driving every project is the desire to realise the potential of each site and enrich the lives of those within it. With large office capacity, Hayball’s pool of talented and highly focused design professionals work together in interdisciplinary studio teams, harnessing multiple perspectives to deliver an integrated design solution. The practice has received countless awards, having completed numerous single and multi-residential buildings, schools, universities, commercial developments and urban designs for entire suburbs, across Australia, Southeast Asia and China.

Prospect presents a new residential landmark that delivers absolute convenience in all forms, including the communal facilities integrated into the project, as well as impressive access to Box Hill’s broader amenities. The building is recognised through itsidentifiable, elegant and refined form – balconies and terraces with ample vegetation form the elegant and poised glass tower, one that offers a clean yet bold addition to Box Hill’s skyline.

An inviting, hotel-style porte cochere is found at Prospect’s entry, giving way to the tower’s apartments and communal amenities. These include a pool,
a gymnasium, an outdoor entertainment and barbecue area, and an expansive dining room and kitchen. Paired with these convenient amenities is a building concierge – providing a scope of services, from house cleaning and couriering to transportation arrangements and the coordination of events.

The strong architecture softens into homely, bespoke interiors, as a warm palette surrounds residents. Apartments take shape in one of two colour schemes. The East Wing is based on the Asian continent, featuring dark compositions of stones and timber to reflect traditional Chinese mahogany furniture.

The West Wing is inspired by Nordic design and the light, bright and fresh colours that define its distinctive style.

Comprising of premium and calm finishes, thoughtful aparment layouts are driven by liveability and maximise internal apartment amenity. This is seen in the kitchen, equipped as a setting to conveniently and comfortably prepare a meal. It will also serve to assist you in exploring new recipes - local, Asian or a beautiful fusion of both – for when you have more time.

Afforded with grand stone tiling, Prospect’s bathrooms make for the perfect place to prepare or unwind – functionality and convenience exemplified.

Prospect’s bedrooms are designed to promote total relaxation, founded on lush carpeting and afforded with ample natural light via floor-to-ceiling windows.

Prospect’s bedrooms are designed to promote total relaxation, founded on lush carpeting and afforded with ample natural light via floor-to-ceiling windows.



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Timber Flooring

Sauna and Steam Room

Wellness Pavillion and Gymnasium

Outdoor Infinity Pool

Oak engineered timber flooring throughout

Induction cooktop with electric oven

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BOX Hill Secondary College

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